Are you overwhelmed and feeling stuck?

Are the strategies you’ve used to cope with life no longer effective?

Has your world shrunk down and does time seem to be slipping away?

As you have found yourself on this page I am guessing that you have tried your hardest to beat OCD and anxiety by yourself, but have fallen short. Instead of feeling free, confident, and at peace, you are struggling with doubt, fear, insecurity, and these fears are stealing your life away. I am sorry that you have been struggling, but I am glad that you have found this page! There is hope, and there is proven treatment that can help you get better.

Bringing 20 years of professional experience to the table, and specially trained by the International OCD Foundation, I work with clients who want to regain control of their life. My job as your therapist is do more than simply ‘walk beside you’ or be your ‘paid friend.’ My mission is to provide you the treatment, care, insight, skills, tools and beliefs that equip you to make positive change in your life.

If you are ready to take back what anxiety and OCD have stolen from you, reach out to me.  It is never too late or early to make a positive investment in your life.