Adolescent Counseling

To say that the culture that teens live in today is confusing and stressful is an understatement. It is no wonder that many lose their way. Some teens know they are lost and desperately long for help. Others show their confusion through behavior that seems to be out of control.  As a counselor, I connect with your teen, not as their parent, but as an adult they can open up to and talk with about their struggles. Often this is an invaluable resource, as they are unable to be as free with other adults in their life who have authority over their grades, their curfew, their allowance, etc. And many times, as a counselor, I can be a bridge to help you and your teen better understand each other and work together as a team.

Like individual counseling, successful counseling with your teen involves commitment. It takes time to connect meaningful and grow trust and rapport before real change can happen. A parent’s commitment to the process is important for the relationships to have success. Weekly sessions are especially important to build a strong working relationship. As I work with your family, I am also able to assess the need for other resources that may be needed and necessary for your child and your family. I