Why a counselor support group?

Prior to becoming a counselor, I spent nine years in corporate marketing and advertising. I thought I had all the business savvy that I needed to be a quick success in private practice. Boy was I wrong! Starting and running a counseling practice is more challenging than any million dollar ad campaign I managed in my corporate days! After all, when the product you are selling is YOU, all your doubt and insecurities can rise to the surface! Plus working for yourself comes with a whole other set of challenges.

What I have learned is that running my own practice requires me to feel my best as an individual and a professional. It takes a lot of confidence, self-motivation, insight, risk-taking, know-how and perseverance. And I’ll be honest, I don’t have all that within myself. Far too often when I was stuck I would end up doubting myself or beating myself up about my shortcomings. And often I would procrastinate and fail to take risks when opportunity presented itself.

Thankfully, I knew I wanted to be a success, I wanted to work for myself and I didn’t give up! So once I finally came to grips with the normalcy of my shortcomings, I realized needed to do something to overcome these obstacles.  I am a strong believer in the power of a group to inspire, motivate, create accountability and change.  I began to think about how much more I am able to accomplish in my life when I am part of a group. And it hit me, duh! I needed a group that gave me the accountability and structure to make sure I was regularly investing in the growth of the business. So I decided to started a support group for counselors who wanted to grow their business.

Simply by gathering together a select group of like-minded counselors, I was amazed how much impact that group has on both our business and our emotions. By creating structure, meeting consistently, using materials to educate ourselves, and giving feedback and encouragement each member of the group has grown in profitability, assurance, passion and camaraderie.

Our world today more than ever needs strong, confident, passionate therapists who can impact our clients and communities in positive ways. I would love to support you if you are one of the many counselors who wants to thrive in this business but feels alone and confused about what to do next! Email me and sign up for this group! 

Why Work with Me?

What I have found running the group is that my nine years in business are an asset for those in the group, as I love to opportunities share business insight and tools. Those in my group regularly tell me how much they learn from each meeting hearing how I think about the business.

Additionally, it is such a joy to help counselors also identify, normalize yet move past their own fears and anxieties that are holding back their businesses. I know there are a ton of online support from business coaches for counselors. But I believe there is nothing better than a face-to-face relationship! And by being a part of this group you get my support as well as to grow your network right here of other counselors who can support and encourage you.

Are you eager to grow your business? Can you commit to the schedule? YES! Then E-mail me today to register: kristinesung@icloud.com