Frequently Asked Questions


Is counseling effective and is it worth the investment?

Investing in yourself and your relationships can have tremendous impact on your life. Like most investments worth pursuing, it takes time, commitment and work. And like most relationships it takes two parties actively engaged in the process. I believe in the process and believe in your ability to change and grow.

It is likely that your desire for change brought you to this site. As you determine if counseling is the next best step for you, consider the following questions:

  • How long you have been dealing with the issue that brought you here?
  • What kind of progress have you made on your own?
  • What impact would positive change have on your life and relationships?
  • Are there potential dangers to delaying action?
  • Do you have the ability, expertise, resources, support and insight to realize improvement in your life?

Besides my own personal experience and success with clients, research has shown that counseling can often be more effective and longer lasting than medications on mood disorders.

How does counseling work?

In addition to the support of a caring, trained professional, to guide your growth, provide resources, tools and insights; counseling helps lead to the positive change in people’s lives.

Generally our work involves:

  • Identifying the issues that brought you to my office.
  • Setting the goals you want to achieve – often I can help you determine what is possible.
  • Developing a professional relationship with me so that I can understand your life and therefore provide you meaningful guidance, insight, tools and beliefs necessary to positively impact your life and relationships. Sometimes this involves assessment tools to thoroughly understand the issues you face.
  • Learning new skills and practicing those skills until confidence is gained.
  • Many fear or dread counseling, with the idea that it is just a rehashing of the past, or placing blame on others for your problems. Though some history is necessary, not all counseling requires thorough rehashing the past. Often counseling focuses more on learning and practicing skills, behaviors and thoughts that have a positive impact on the here and now.

How long does counseling usually last?

As a type A kind of person, I’d love to be able to tell you exactly how long each engagement will last. But as you are a unique individual, couple and family, there is not a formula I can give you to know the length of our work together. The number of sessions can vary based on your history, goals and your level of commitment and participation in the process.

Do you take insurance?

I am considered an out of network provider and do not accept insurance. I can give you a receipt for services so that you can file for reimbursement with your insurance company.

What is your rate?

Each 50 minute session is $150. I accept cash, check and credit cards and is payable the day of service. Clients are able to file for insurance reimbursement on their own as they choose.

Do you prescribe medications?

I do not prescribe medications.  At your request I can work collaboratively with prescribing physicians to ensure you receive the best and most comprehensive treatment.

What is your framework for counseling?

I am a Christian Counselor who welcomes clients from all walks of life. I practice using a variety of theories, leaning most on the ideas of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for individual counseling which emphasizes how our thoughts, beliefs and emotions are connected and impact our lives and behaviors.