What past clients have said about Kristine:

“Kristine helped me see things that I was not willing to accept from my parent’s perspective. But at the same time I felt she believed in me more than anyone else in my life. She made me more willing to change and do what I should be doing.” (former teen client)

“Kristine was able to explain and teach both myself and my family not only about my OCD but also how to combat it, so that it no longer dominated my life or my family’s. It was hard work, but she believed in me and gave me the confidence to know I could change.” (former OCD client)

“I had always seen life as very negative, and I always believed the worst about myself. Kristine helped me see that I wasn’t that different from others. I began to see that I had positives and negatives, as did everyone around me. That freed me to start pursuing professional and personal goals in ways that I had never done successfully before.” (former individual client)

“We came after seeing another marriage counselor who my husband refused to go back to. Kristine was able to get my husband to actually stay in counseling and we were able to make some meaningful changes that has significantly improved our marriage. I went from thinking about divorce constantly, to enjoying my marriage in a way I never had expected.” (former marriage clients)

“Not only did she help our son, but she connected well with all of us as a family and helped him communicate things that had been affecting our whole family negatively, in such a way that we were able to finally understand him and begin to make changes that improved our whole family life. She has such a sweet spirit, and yet she will tell you like it is.” (former family clients)